Mice are known to reproduce with an incredible speed and can do great damage and damage to your home or workplace through their dark activity. Mice can also contaminate food and any other materials through the waste they leave behind, and mice can cause and contribute to many diseases in humans, including asthma in children.

Mice can be a major cause of home fires by damaging cable paths.

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Eye of Kashaf for rat control and control

Despite their small size, mice are capable of transmitting many dangerous diseases, and they may be carried out in many different ways, such as rat secretions or biting. Among the most dangerous of these diseases are:
🔳 Mouse bite fever
🔳 Lyme disease
🔳 Salmonella

The company has technicians with international accreditations to provide the best and most efficient service to you, enabling you to obtain the fastest and most accurate results that get rid of this scourge once and for all.

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Rodents depend in their growth and reproduction on excreta and food residues, and therefore they are found in places where humans live or in places close to garbage and food residues, such as informal settlements that do not have the correct health service conditions. They take shelter from the sewage networks, drains, and ruined places (the remains of old buildings and walls), where they dig burrows or build nests for them in the roofs, as well as reside in grain and wood stores and stores of old items.

Diseases caused and transmitted by rodents:
– Cause food poisoning
– Rat bite fever
– The plague was transmitted (the Black Death)
– Typhus
– Treponema jaundice (Weil’s disease)
– اToxoplasmosis
– Bacillary dysentery (Zentaria)
– Leishmania
– Lymphocytic meningitis
10 some viral diseases (dog and hemorrhagic fever). …. others of

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Cockroaches are among the most annoying insects to humans. It leaves no place without being contaminated with different types of bacteria, not to mention the transfer of germs from toilets and sewage rooms to parts of the house or kitchen surfaces and utensils, which may cause food poisoning, in addition to the unpleasant odor that it leaves behind and its secretions that cause allergies.

Damages and diseases that they transmit:
The ability of cockroaches to transmit many strains of viruses has been scientifically proven, such as:
– poliomyelitis Poliomyelitis
– Hepatitis Hepatitis
– Leprosy Leprosy
– Sand plague Bubonic plague
– Bacterial dysentery
– Children’s diarrhea
– Food poisoning
– Fever of the digestive system

Our professional cockroach eye scout control is the most reliable service to rid you of this pest.

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bed bugs

It is a small insect with a brown color and a flat oval shape, and this insect goes out at night to get its meal of blood, while a person sleeps, as it pierces the skin with its piercing absorbent mouth, and draws blood through it, taking 3-10 minutes to reach the saturation stage.

Bed bugs cause psychological and physical damage by leaving itchy bites and spreading panic. For businesses, bed bugs can cripple an organization’s reputation and lead to declining revenue. Ain Al Kashaf provides its clients with highly trained technicians, and the latest developments in bed bug detection and treatment to effectively get rid of bed bugs and prevent further infections.


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House fly

They carry pathogenic or disease-causing organisms on their bodies and in their faeces, and they can contaminate foodstuffs and contribute to the transmission of foodborne diseases.

If a small fly problem is left uncontrolled, it can potentially turn into a large infestation. Some types of flies can mature from eggs to adults in just seven days.

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