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How to choose the best pest control company

With the advent of the summer season, insects of all kinds spread in large numbers and increase with high temperatures.

and spread in gardens and homes and constitute suffering for homeowners due to the spread of diseases and health.

psychological and material damage such as spoilage of foodstuffs and erosion of furniture and possessions

They are not easily disposed of, which leads homeowners to search for the best pest control company.

What is the role of a pest control company:

Pest control companies use specific types of insecticides to eliminate the spreading insects.

due to the type of insects, their size and the size of their spread.

The presence of small eggs for these insects to eliminate their spread and reproduction permanently.

insects hide and lay their eggs in places not close to the inhabitants of the house to ensure their survival


How to choose a good pest control company؟


There are several criteria by which you can choose the best pest control company:

  1. It must be a licensed pest control company that has a permit to engage in activity.
  2. The safety and security standards are achieved for all family members through selecting safe and effective pesticides.
  3. The pest control company should be prepared to discuss the steps it will take to solve your problem.
  4. Have a previous business and a good and extensive reputation
  5. The company must give the customer an adequate warranty period.
  6. To be a joint pest control company with a pest control organization and association.
  7. Speed and completion of tasks in record times.

If the company has these specifications, we can say that it is the best pest control company. and you can rely on it to rid your home, office or warehouse of insects and insect pests


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How do we protect our homes from insects

Insects spread a lot with the onset of summer and cause great suffering to homeowners, and cause material. psychological, and health damage. and some of them may spread serious diseases that harm the residents of the house and cause them many troubles and problems that disturb the peace of life for them. and it is difficult for them to get rid of these insects because they do not know their type. locations and places In which they grow their young eggs

So India eradicating a den or a group of insects and spraying it with insecticides. this may not mean complete disposal of insects in the house. because there may be many places where eggs are found. which will make the insects spread again when it is time for them to leave the eggs

However, to keep a house safe from insects, you must rely on two methods:


First: Work to prevent these insects from entering the house.

You must close the windows with what is called a sieve or sieve, which is a panel with small holes that allows air to enter from the windows and prevents the entry of insects

Second: Not to create a suitable environment for insects in the home

Moist places are considered incubators for the growth of insects, as many types of insects need a moist environment to grow and reproduce as well. Also, all the places that leak water must be repaired because the places that are difficult to dry will become a repository for insects.

Insects also multiply in most places that feel safe. These places may be under the gathering of tools, clothes and warehouses, especially those that contain foodstuffs that are a source of food for insects, so that they spoil and eat them.

Insects are also attracted to bad smell, such as the smell of waste, and are a reason for their feeding and reproduction

You must pay attention to the cleanliness of the kitchen and cover foodstuffs such as honey, sugar, etc. in order to prevent insects from reaching them or smelling their smell, and food is one of the most important things that attract insects, so you must put dry food in its own airtight containers.


If your house has an outdoor garden, you must clean it well so that it does not become a shelter for insects.